Thursday, December 31, 2015

What I read in December

This month was a pretty good month reading-wise, even though I kind of wish it had been a bit more. Here is the list of books I read.
1. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

I've been working on this since the beginning of November and I finally finished it on the 12th. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book, I will have a longer review up soon. 3/5 Stars.

2. The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson
I loved this novella, it was not what I expected at all. The story was great and wasn't too cheesy. I will have a longer review up soon. 4/5 Stars

3. Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney
Several people had recommended this book to me, and I was intrigued by the title- especially since prayer is something that I constantly struggle with. I really enjoyed this book, and it was a quick read! 5/5 Stars.

4.  Passenger by Alexandra Bracken 

I received this book as an advanced copy from Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion. It was interesting but there were definitely things that confused me. I will have a longer review up next week. 3/5 Stars.

5. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Even though there were a few things I did not like about this book it was a great read. I can't wait until the next book comes out!I will have a longer review up soon.  3.95/5 Stars.

6. Hearthland Episode 33 by Chautona Havig 
This was the last novella I read in 2015. I continue to find this serial novel captivating, I am sad to see this series end soon. 3/5 Stars.

Overall, 2015 was a good year all-around, but I did pretty well reading-wise. If you would like to see the books that I read this year here is a link to "My Year in Books" on Goodreads:

Happy New Year and Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Book Review: The Christmas Shoppe

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today's review is on The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson.

I didn't know what to expect when I read this book, however, having read other books by Melody Carlson I knew that it would be at least an okay read. This book surprised me in a good way! I've found that most novellas can be pretty predictable from the first few pages, however that was not the case with this novella.

I loved getting to know the characters of Parrish Springs and getting to see what the Christmas Shoppe actually was. I love how even though there was some romance, it wasn't cheesy. The author also did a good job of not rushing to tie up the loose ends.

The Christmas Shoppe tells the story of a small town dealing with the arrival of a strange woman, Matilda Honeycutt, who has bought one of the most prized buildings in the downtown area. As several of the characters deal with all the trouble that her arrival causes they also discover that there is something almost magical about Matilda's Christmas Shoppe.

I really want to say more about the plot, but I can't without giving away spoilers. But I highly recommend this novella, it is a fairly quick read it takes about 1-2 hours. If you are looking for a nice, quick Christmas read, this book is for you!

I am giving this book 4/5 Stars because it was light-hearted, but yet it wasn't cheesy or predictable.

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Review: The Texas Brides Collection

Today's review is on The Texas Brides Collection by several authors.

Since the book is made up of 9 different stories, I am going to do a mini review on each of them and then conclude with what I though of the collection as a whole.

Serena's Strength by Diann Mills: 

This was a sweet, predictable story. I liked the heroine, Serena and how she was developed. However, I felt like the romance was rushed, and that the climax was predictable. However, because it kept my attention I am giving it 3/5 Stars. 

The Reluctant Fugitive by Darlene Mindrup: 

I was not epecting that first plot twist even though it is kind of the basis for the story, unfortunately I cannot say what it is becuase it is a spoiler. Again, the story was short and sweet, and somewhat redictable except for a couple of plot twists that I was not expecting at all (especially at the end). However, there seemed to be several grammatical errors so I am only giving it 3/5 Stars. 

Saving Grace by Kathleen Y'Barbo: 

This was a nice, sweet story, but it was predictable, therefore I am giving it 3/5 Stars. 

An Inconvenient Gamble by Michelle Ule: 

This story had several surprises along the way, even though the ending was predictable. I am giving it 4/5 Stars because it surprised me. 

Angel in Disguise by Darlene Franklin: 

This story was okay, but I felt like it was the worst one in the whole collection. There wasn't much romance until the last 10 pages. The story was a little bit too far-fetched, but it was still interesting. 
I am giving it 2/5 Stars because it was just okay. 

Reuben's Atonement by Lynette Sowell: 

This was another nice, sweet story. It was also predictable. However, it was a good reminder that I cannot earn my salvation and that I have already been saved and cleansed by the blood of Christ. I am giving it 3/5 Stars. 

The Peacemaker by Diann Mills : 

The second story by this author in the collection. I liked how it was linked to the Reubens Atonement, as it is Colt's story (Reuben's younger brother). It was cute, but it was predictable and the roamnce felt kind of rushed. I am giving it 3/5 Stars. 

Outlaw Sheriff by Kathleen Y'Barbo: 

This is also the author's second story in this collection. It is linked to the previous two stories because it is Caleb Wilson's story (brother of Reuben and Colt). It was an interesting concept, but it was kind of predictable. I liked how the author tied up all the loose ends so there were no questions left unanswered. However, the romance comes out of nowhere. I am giving it 3/5 Stars.

A Gamble on Love By Tamela Hancock Murray: 

This story is linked to the previous three stories. It is Benjamin Wilson's story. It was a cute, sweet romance which was predictable, not much happens. I am giving 2.5/5 Stars. 

Overall this whole collection was a nice read and the stories weren't cheesy. All of these authors were new to me, and I look forward to reading more of their works in the future. I liked how the last 4 stories were connected to each other. This is something one could read if they want something lighthearted or want to read something with more romance. I am giving the whole collection 3/5 Stars. 

I will definitely read more of these collections put out by Barbour publishing, in fact I have another collection called The Log Cabin Christmas collection in my TBR pile at the moment. 

Happy Reading, 

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :) 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review: Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4)

Today's review is on Winter by Marissa Meyer
Ever since I started reading the Lunar Chronicles series in May, this has been one of my most anticipated reads of 2015. I was not disappointed! Marissa Meyer did a good job with concluding the series on a high note.

Winter is basically a retelling of Snow White, but it also concludes the stories of Cinder, Scarlet and Cress. I loved how the author used the various elements of the fairy tale to bring the story to life without it seeming like a regurgitation. Winter is the villain's step-daughter but based on Lunar tradition she cannot become the next queen. However, as in the original story, Queen Levana is still jealous of Winter's beauty and one thing leads to another (I don't want to say too much because it will spoil some of the plot).

Winter is also kind of insane because she refuses to use her Lunar gift and as a result of suppressing it she has crazy hallucinations (again, I can't say too much, read the book!). Her best friend is Jacin who is a part of the royal guard and basically answers to her stepmother. Their relationship is sweet and complicated at the same time.

The novel takes place on Luna - the moon. Meyer does a good job of describing this world and it felt like I was there.

There isn't really anything else I can say without giving too much of the plot away, but fans will be satisfied with this conclusion and don't worry Meyer does not do what Veronica Roth did in Allegiant (Divergent #3).

Even though I really loved this book, I am sad to see the series end and to say goodbye to the world and the characters that I had come to love. I am looking forward to the release of the short story anthology, Stars Above which comes out early next year. :)

I know I have probably said this in my other reviews of Marissa Meyer's books, but I am a huge fan and I will continue to read her works in the years to come.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :) 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Book Review: Love in the Details (A Year of Weddings 2 #12)

Today's review is on Love in the Details by Becky Wade
Every once in a while, I like to take a break from reading full-length novels and enjoy a good novella, or a collection of novellas. I started reading this after finishing Winter, after an intense read like that it was nice to read something that was light and fluffy.

This is the first Becky Wade novella that I have read and I liked it. I want to try one of her novels sometime in the near future. It wasn't the best story line, but it was a nice relaxing, read-in-an-afternoon kind of read, which I love, especially during the winter months.

The plot was predictable, it was obvious that the two main characters were going to end up together. I felt like the part where they got together was rushed because for most of the novella there was constant tension and then they make up and that's it...I just don't know if that is realistic. I know it is a novella and there wasn't  a whole lot of time to develop these things, but it felt too quick.

Also, I don't know if it is because I received an ARC or not, but there were a lot of words that needed to be capitalized. But other than that it was a sweet story. I may or may not read more of the novellas in this series...the problem is that there are so many books to read and so little time to actually read them.

I want to thank NetGalley and Zondervan for sending me a complimentary copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If  you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 2015 TBR

If you saw my post on books I read in November, you probably saw that I had a good month, even though some of them were for school. I am hoping that December will be another good month, but I don't know. This is a more ambitious TBR list, mainly because I will be on Winter Break, but also several of the books on this list I have already started and I just need to finish them.

1. The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien 
I am half way through this book, but I haven't picked it up since June. I love Tolkien's writing and the descriptions are beautiful, but I also find myself needing to take breaks every so often.

2. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare 
I am currently reading this book, so this might be the first book I finish in December. I don't know how I feel about it, but a friend told me that the rest of the series is better.

3. Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay 
I started reading this during Thanksgiving break and I will try to finish it after City of Bones. I am excited to read another novel by Katherine Reay.

4. The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson
One of the groups I belong to on GoodReads is going to read this book, and since it is a novella and it is the month of Christmas, I am going to try and read along with the group.

5. 31 Kisses by Chautona Havig 
What is December without a couple of Christmas books? I really hope I get a chance to read this because I am a fan of Chautona Havig's work and this has been sitting on my kindle for two year!

6. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell 
I am hoping to read this book in preparation for writing my senior thesis in Fall 2016. Elizabeth Gaskell is potentially one of the authors I want to take a closer look . This will also be my first Gaskell novel that I have read.

7. A Girl's Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review. I love Debbie Macomber's books because they can easily be read in one sitting.

8. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I just really want to read this book, the concept sounds interesting.

9. A Log Cabin Christmas Collection  by Various Authors
Another Christmas book that I am hoping to get to this month, although I don't know if I will be able to read

10. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
I am excited to continue this series, maybe I will actually read it this month, who knows.

11. The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen 
Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors and it has been a while since I have read one of her books. I am also in the mood for some historical Christian fiction.

12. The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson
It's been almost a year since I read one of Melanie Dickerson's books, and I am intrigued by the idea that it is a mix of Swan Lake and Robin Hood.

13. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling 
I am busy reading through this series slowly, so far I have only read the first two, and I really want to find out what happens next to Harry and his friends.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :) 

Monday, November 30, 2015

What I read in November

This month was a good reading month for me, I read almost the same amount this month that I did in September and October combined. I don't know how this happened, I do know that once Winter came out I spent almost every spare moment (when I wasn't doing homework) reading it. I am hoping that next month is also a good reading month, but it might be a bit tricky as the Fall semester wraps up.

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ( Harry Potter Series #2) by J.K.Rowling 

I enjoyed the second installment in this series, although it was little bit darker than the first one. I love how the author describes things, in fact there was one chapter I got creeped out because she did a good job of describing the scene and minor characters. 3.75/5 Stars

2.  Macbeth by William Shakespeare
I really enjoyed this play, I was able to understand a lot of what was going on, and I wasn't confused by the events that took place. 5/5 Stars.

3.  The Gospel According to the Apostles by John MacArthur 
This was a really good book, it deals with the whole topic of Lordship salvation and how it is supported by Scripture. Dr. MacArthur does a good job of explaining how he came to the conclusions that he does and he is able to support them accurately with Scripture. 5/5 Stars.

4. Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
After having to read two tragedies back to back, it was nice to read something more light and comedic. This was a re-read for me but it had me in stitches, and it is a story that will never get old. 4/5 Stars.

5.  Moby Dick by Herman Melville 
There is a lot that can be said about this insanely weirdly beautiful novel. I will have a longer review on it probably in the beginning of 2016 sometime because a few sentences are not enough to describe this book. 4/5 Stars.

6.  Winter by Marissa Meyer
I read this book in a week, it was so good. It was a satisfying conclusion to the series, even though I am sad to leave the Lunar Chronicles world behind. I will have a longer review up soon. 4.5/5 Stars

7.  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 
This is a great read. It is considered on of the first horror stories and it definitely has a lot of the elements of horror. It creeped me out in certain places, but that is what makes it so good. 4/5 Stars.

8.  The Tempest by William Shakespeare 

I read this in several chunks over the course of two weeks, so I kind of liked it, but at the end I was confused because it had been awhile since I picked it up last. 3/5 Stars.

9.  Love in the Details by Becky Wade 

This was cute, predictable love story. It could easily be read in one sitting. I will have a longer review up later this week. 3/5 Stars.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :) 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Book Review: Fairest (Lunar Chronicles #0.5)

Today's review is on Fairest by Marissa Meyer. 
This was a prequel to the Lunar Chronicles series, as it is the story of the villain of the series, however, I think it is better to read it after reading Cress, as everything that happens in it  will make much more sense.

I loved this book because it seems to explain Levana as a character a little bit more. For the first half you feel some sympathy for her because she doesn't seem to know any better. However, this wasn't one of those books that tries to make the villain as just some misunderstood person, rather it shows Levana's progression into the villain that she is in the Lunar Chronicles.

Marissa Meyer does a good job of showing the readers more of Levana's background, as well as the world of Luna, which I think the last Lunar Chronicles book is supposed to take place there. It was interesting to read about past events that are briefly mentioned in the Lunar Chronicles and it made me want to read Winter right away, unfortunately I had to wait for November 10th like everybody else. But I finally read it, and it was so good!

As I've said already, this is another great novel from Marissa Meyer. It is shorter than the other novels, and it is a little bit darker because it  is dealing with Levana's back story but it is still really good. I am giving it 4/5 stars.

I listened to the audiobook and Rebecca Soler continues to be a fantastic narrator and I hope she gets to narrate more Marissa Meyer books in the future.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations, let me know and I will check them out. :) 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review: The Shepherdess (Loves of King Solomon #2)

Today's review is on The Shepherdess by Jill Eileen Smith 
This was a nice quick read, it took me about two and a half hours to read. It is a novella about Abishag who was one of King Solomon's wives. The author drew inspiration 1 Kings and the Song of Solomon (assuming that the Shunnamite woman is Abishag). One thing that I have always appreciated about Jill Eileen Smith is that she will always so that her books are a fictional account about real people, and that in order to know the actual story the reader should read the passages in the Bible concerning those people, even if it is just a small section.

It was interesting how she used the 1st person, in her other books she usually writes in the 3rd person. And she tells the story from Abishag's point of view. As I said before it is a fictional account of what could have happened, but it is just a nice read if you like Biblical fiction.

I look forward to reading the other novellas in this series when they are released, I am also looking forward to reading her new series, Daughters of the Promised Land.

I am giving this novella 3/5 Stars.

Happy Reading,

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Review: Saving Wishes

Today's review is on Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith
The author was new to me, but I was intrigued by the fact that she was from Australia and that the book was also set in Australia - Tasmania to be precise. It is the first book in the Wishes series and I got for free on Kindle. 

It was interesting reading a book that was not set in U.S or the U.K., but there were some words I had to look up because they are only used in Australia and New Zealand. This was a little bit irritating but at the same time it was interesting. 

The love story was kind of predictable, especially what happened in the end. The major plot twist that occurs was okay, but there was no build up to it, it just all of a sudden came up. I felt like the characters could have been developed a bit more, they all felt two-dimensional. The ending felt rushed, and it was kind of far-fetched, I can't say to much about it because it will spoil the whole book. 

The main character Charli was well developed except for the fact that she is a complete idiot. Her brother Alex was okay but I felt like his relationship with his girlfriend needed to be developed more. Charli's best friend, Nicole, also could have been better developed, especially with what she ends up doing near the end of the book. Another character, Gabrielle, Charli's French teacher  is a bad teacher with some of the stuff she allows her students to get away with. 

With everything I've said so far about the book makes it sounds pretty bad, but honestly it's not, it was kind of a nice read over a weekend, and it was pretty quick. One thing to keep in mind is that it is the author's debut novel and she self-published, so there are going to be some quirks in it that might not be in a novel that is traditionally published. Even though the novel could have been better, it was still good considering it was published without the teams of people that traditionally published authors usually have. 

Will I read the rest of the series? Maybe,  probably just the second book to find out what happens next but besides that I don't know. 

I am giving this book 2.5/5 Stars because even though I liked it there were a lot of things that needed to be improved. 

Happy Reading, 

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Today's review is on The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen. 
I love Julie Klassen's work, I think it's because her novels are set during the Regency era, the era of Jane Austen. As a lover of Jane Austen, I love reading about that time period. Her books aren't based off of Jane Austen novels, although they usually do mention the characters reading the books. Her books are just really well-written and really seem to capture the time period of Regency era, and The Secret of Pembrooke Park did not disappoint.

I loved the story, and I kept trying to guess what the secret was and it was only near the revealing of secret that I started to guess what it was as the protagonist, Abigail, starts to discover fragments of the mystery. The author does a good job of keeping the secret under wraps throughout most of the novel.

There were some sections in the novel that seemed a bit slow in pace, but there was never a dull moment. And everything seemed to occur at the right time, especially the romance that happens in the novel, it isn't fast-paced like most novels, it is slow and gradual.

I really liked Abigail Foster, the protagonist, because she was easy to relate to, especially her having to deal with feeling insecure. I did not like her sister, she was annoying. Most of the other characters were likable.

This book kept me captivated. I finished it in 2 days and it is almost 500 pages long! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes reading Historical fiction, Christian fiction and/ or Jane Austen's works.

I look forward to reading more works by Julie Klassen in the future and I hope she continues to publish books of this caliber during her career.

 I am giving this book 5/5 Stars because it was entertaining and intriguing.

Happy Reading,

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :) 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Read in September and October

Hi everyone!
So since I didn't post last month's list, I am combining it with October's list. And since I am back at college, this list also contains a lot of books I have read for classes I am in.

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 
This was an interesting read, I had a love/hate relationship with it. There were parts I loved, and there were other parts I hated.  I will have a longer review up soon. 2.5/5 Stars

2. Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare 
This was the first play I had to read for my Shakespeare class this semester. It was okay, even though it was kind of grotesque in some parts. It is also one of his lesser known works, and there is a reason for that. 2.5/5 Stars

3. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare 
This was a reread for me, and it was the second play I had to read for the class I am taking. I love this play, it is one of several plays that made me fall in love with Shakespeare. It is funny and ironic, and it deals with justice and mercy really well. 4/5 Stars

4. Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay
As a fan of Jane Austen, I was immediately intrigued by the title of this novel. It was the first book by the author that I read. I liked it, there were some surprises in the end, which I appreciated. I look forward to reading more books by Katherine Reay in the future. 3/5 Stars

5. Othello by William Shakespeare 
I really enjoyed this play, it was interesting and disturbing to see the affects of racism, as well as that of irrational jealousy. 5/5 Stars.

6. Shakespeare's Sonnets by William Shakespeare 
Also read this for class. It was interesting reading through all of them. We were required to pick several favorites and read them aloud to the class and explain why we liked them. Besides the famous Sonnet 116, I really liked Sonnet 40. 4/5 Stars

7. Cymbeline by William Shakespeare 
This was one of Shakespeare's last works, and it was an interesting read. In class we talked about how it seems like he took elements from all his previous works and smashed them into this one. I liked it, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had had more time to read through it more carefully. 3.5/5 Stars.

8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling 

This was a first time read for me. I liked it, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. 3/5 Stars.

9. Hearthland Episodes 31 and 32  By Chautona Havig 
I continue to enjoy this series. I love how the author has developed and grown the characters, as well as introduce new ones. 3/5 Stars

10. Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare 
Measure for Measure was an interesting play. However, it was hard to follow what was going on. At the end everything is revealed, but there are still some questions that are left unanswered. 3/5 Stars.

11. Fairest (The Lunar Chornciles #0.5) by Marissa Meyer

It was interesting to read Queen Levana's story in anticipation of the release of the last book in this amazing series next month. I have already pre-ordered my digital copy of Winter, and after reading this book, I don't know if I can wait for it to come out in 10 days!!! I will have a longer review up soon. 4/5 Stars.

12. King Lear by William Shakespeare 

This was an interesting read. I was confused at some parts because I felt like it kept switching between scenes a lot. However, it was good and it held my attention. Since it is a tragedy, there is a lot of death, but it is really good. 3.5/5 Stars.

Happy Reading,


P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :)

P.P.S. I am kind of dabbling with the idea of doing a post on Shakespeare, or several reviews on some of the plays I have read so far. If you would like me to do this, let me know. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Book Review: Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3)

Today's review is on the third installment of the Lunar Chronicles, Cress.

This is not only a continuation of the series, but it is also kind of  a retelling of Rapunzel. There are even some elements of this retelling that reminded me of Tangled, but it wasn't a rip-off of the movie.

It was full of action, intrigue, romance and there are a few twists throughout the novel that continue to make this series fantastic. I loved the characters, I loved how we got to know Carswell Thorne a bit more than in Scarlet. Another new character is introduced, Cress, who is a skilled, Lunar hacker.

I can't go into too much detail concerning the plot because I might accidentally give spoilers for the first two books in the series. But the as I mentioned before, the plot was good, and there was action and many twists. I liked how Marissa Meyer was able to write from multiple points of view in the third person, sometime when an author does this it is confusing, but she pulls it off masterfully. In fact, there was even chapter from Queen Levana's point of view.

The characters continue to be well-developed and they don't annoy me like some of the main characters in other YA books I have read. I love how in each book each character keeps becoming more developed, even Cinder, which I didn't even know was possible.

 Each book just keeps getting better and better in this series. I hope Marissa Meyer is able to do the same thing with the conclusion of the series, Winter, which comes out next month (!!). So far the YA series' I have read the conclusion was unsatisfying, but hopefully Marissa Meyer can satisfy her fans, especially since she pushed the release date back by about 6 months.

I listened to half of Cress and read the last half, not because I didn't like the narrator, it's just I was having a hard time trying to find time to listen to it, whereas it is easier for me to just sit down and read.

In order to help me pass the time until Winter comes out, besides school and work, I plan on reading/listening to Fairest which is a prequel to the series and is Queen Levana's story.

Happy Reading,

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review: The Matched Trilogy

Today's review is on The Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

I read this book after reading The Divergent Trilogy and Cinder. Several of my friends had read and enjoyed it, and the whole premise of the first book sounded interesting, so I read it.

I was intrigued by the whole concept of the Society and how they choose who people love and when a person's life ends. However, after a glitch in the Society's perfect system causes the heroine, Cassia Reyes, to question everything she's been taught.

Matched was a good introduction to the world of the Society and the characters. I enjoyed how it was from Cassia's point of view. It was slow moving at times, but I still liked it and it made me want to read the rest of the series to find out what happens. I gave it 3/5 Stars

The second book in the series was Crossed and it was pretty boring, I felt like not much happened and I didn't like how it was told from both Ky and Cassia's points of view because it was sometime confusing, there were times when Ky kind of sounded like Cassia and vice versa. It just dragged on, but the last 30 pages was interesting because something actually happened. I gave it 2/ 5 Stars.

 I wasn't going to read the third book, Reached, but I was looking for a book to read and it was the only book that was interesting at the book store I was at, so I bought it. It was interesting to see how Condie wrapped up the series. There was very little action,  again it felt like not a whole lot happened. The ending was unsatisfactory, there were just too many loose ends left untied (I can't go into detail because it is a spoiler.) And there were so many grammatical errors, which is terrible considering it was published by a major publishing company. I don't know if it is just the edition I have, or if it is in every copy of the book. I don't know. I am giving it 2/5 Stars because the ending was terrible, not much was resolved in 500 pages(!), and there were so many grammatical errors I was cringing every time I saw it.

The series as a whole was okay, it was not as good as the Divergent trilogy, and the ending was bad (I know I just said that). The third book had a lot of potential but then it just fell flat. I would give the whole series 3/5 Stars, maybe even less.

I really wanted to like this series and the first book was promising, but the rest of the series was disappointing.

Happy Reading,

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out. :)