Friday, August 7, 2015

Book Review: An Uncertain Choice

Today's review is on Jody Hedlund's first Young Adult novel that came out earlier this year called An Uncertain Choice.

The novel takes place in the  medieval ages. The heroine is Lady Rosemarie who has to enter the convent when she turns 18 because of a vow her parents made. However, a friend of her father's comes to her a month before her birthday and tells her that there is a way out of the vow if she falls in love and gets married before her 18th birthday. Unsure about whether or not it is the right thing to do, Lady Rosemarie decides that she will spend the month getting to know the 3 knights that her father's friend recommends.

It was an interesting read, I liked the whole concept of the novel, even though it was somewhat predictable. However, there were several plot twists that happened that I was not expecting at all, which I loved. I also enjoyed how the author ended the book on a cliffhanger to prepare readers for the next book in this series, A Daring Sacrifice, which is coming out at the beginning of next year some time.

This is a nice read if you want something quick and enjoy reading historical novels. I recommend you read the novella The Vow, which is a prequel to the novel. Although it isn't necessary, but there are a few past events that are mentioned in novel that are described in greater detail in the novella.

I give this book 4/5 stars because even though it was a little bit predictable, it still had plot twists in it that I did not see coming in it at all!

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